Complete redesign of the website of a small business I’m working for at the moment. For this I used the _s WordPress theme as a basis and integrated some parts of the Foundation Framework (like the grid, visibility classes and off canvas). The old theme was extremely complex, weird and slow and got in my way all the time, so I hat to quickly build a nicer looking newer version with the old content.

In the future there will be some special services on the website like a personal cloud, where customers can log in and access personal files. Also there will be a ticket system which is based on WordPress Issues Manager but heavily modified. UPDATE: all (and more) live now!

The website evolved much in the past 1,5 years. I built a custom layout builder inside the WordPress backend based on Advanced Custom Fields. Coworkers can easily built contents based on several predefined templates like column text, slideshows or parallax images.

The cloud is also a nice piece of software now. Coworkers can store information and files for the clients, all with a very easy to use UI also based on ACF but heavily enhanced. Users can also their contact info and admins have a lot of special options to set for each user.

HOMETEC Support Ticket System
The ticket system is integrated in the HOMETEC Cloud. It is based on standard WordPress custom post types and comments. This part relies a lot on modifying WordPress hooks and actions.

The HOMETEC Shop lives in the same huge WordPress installation like everything else. Based on the most popular WordPress shopping software it features good handling, performance and SEO. The theme is completely self made and a lot of parts are completely unique, with modern design and many parts not seen anywhere else. The contact info is synced with the Cloud for already existing users. Special focus on mobile first responsive design makes mobile shopping possible.