The lecture “Data Driven Graphics” at the the University of Art and Design Linz (Kunstuniversit√§t Linz) was all about data visualization. During the three day workshop we had to transfer any data we could find into a graphical figure. With two collegues we created the event visualization prototype “One year in Vienna”.

The “One Year in Vienna” project tries to visualize events in Vienna during the year 2011. We have chosen data sets from the open government data site of Vienna because of its mass of entries for the past year. With some 1000 events we hoped we would get a nice visualization.

The user can filter events by category with the buttons at the top, the bar underneath represents the year 2011. With this slider the user can control which day should be displayed. The Play button on the left fires an animation which iterates through the whole year automatically Рnice fade animations included. The events Рdisplayed as colored circles Рare positioned like they were on a map, but without a map. We hoped the user could figure out the shape of vienna or some hotspots only because of the mass of events on a special spot.

Some technical infos:

The data was first downloaded as XML files, extremely complexe and large XML files. We extracted only the parts we needed, converted some variables like the coordinates and saved everything as CSV and later as JSON files which we can directly use in JavaScript. If you want to know more, the source code is there and pretty simple…

Give it a try!

Oh, and the size of the circles? Let’s call it random magic :D