The Schatz-Card offers tourists benefits and special rates for partner companies of the Schatz.Kammer Burg Kreuzen. The website gives an overview of all partners and their offers.

This website features a well structured and flexible HTML5 structure with some special details. On top of that it’s fully responsive, which means the layout adopts to the visitors device and website content automatically. It is managed through WordPress, the theme is completely built by me and contains a lot of useful custom made shortcodes which help the editors.

This website went from zero to online in only two days. This is possible because I’m using a feature rich, powerful and flexible base theme, which I’ve built over the last years. The theme already includes many parts most websites need.

Built in features:

  • The responsive layout automatically adapts to the content and the visitors device, so the website looks perfect on your computer, tablet, smartphone and any other device.
  • Notably search engine optimized code including semantic information using HTML5 tags and even microformats. Also a sitemap file is automatically generated for even better search results.
  • Fully automatic Facebook integration by Open Graph tags.
  • Easy administration through the widely trusted WordPress CMS, extended with popular plugins and also self made ones.
  • Automatically generated overview pages.
  • The (responsive) header slideshow is managed with a simple administration interface in the backend.
  • Easy Shortcodes (content snippets and templates) for special content.
  • The layout is based on a well structured HTML5 code.
  • The CSS code is particularly clean and optimized for fast page load.
  • Optimized printer stylesheet for those who have to print out websites.
  • On demand support for older browsers versions of Internet Explorer, even IE6.
  • Information about visitors are collected through Google Analytics.
  • Subtle CSS3 animations make everything even smoother on modern browsers.

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