Complete rewrite of the successful website

The old website was pretty much completely generated through JavaScript, which was perfect for the first two years. But the internet changed, the team behind changed, the goals changed. So a new website had to be created. First it had to be based on a CMS so the members can easily change content. This was a great opportunity to test my skills with WordPress, clearly my favorite content management system.


  • Easy management through the widely thrusted WordPress CMS.
  • Enhanced with custom fields so every article can be configured individually (powered by the wonderful ACF plugin).
  • Fully responsive design through CSS media queries and PHP optimizations (with help from mobble) so the website can be viewed perfectly with any device from smartphone to desktop pc.
  • The adaptive stylesheet is based on ZURBs Foundation front-end framework.
  • Search engine optimizations through clean HTML5 code, meta tags, Open Graph tags, microformats, sitemap.xml and more.
  • Animations through hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions.
  • Automatic slideshow or gallery view for uploaded images.
  • Images on flickr can be included easily through super easy shortcode.
  • and many more…