Weather information with free SMS weather alerts for the Strudengau.

Built in features:

  • The responsive layout automatically adapts to the content and the visitors device, so the website looks perfect on your computer, tablet, smartphone and any other device.
  • Notably search engine optimized code including semantic information using HTML5 tags and even microformats. Also a sitemap file is automatically generated for even better search results.
  • Fully automatic Facebook integration by Open Graph tags.
  • Easy administration through the widely trusted WordPress CMS, extended with popular plugins and also self made ones.
  • Automatically generated overview pages.
  • Easy Shortcodes (content snippets and templates) for special content.
  • The layout is based on a well structured HTML5 code.
  • The CSS code is particularly clean and optimized for fast page load.
  • Optimized printer stylesheet for those who have to print out websites.
  • On demand support for older browsers versions of Internet Explorer, even IE6.
  • Information about visitors are collected through Google Analytics.
  • Subtle CSS3 animations make everything even smoother on modern browsers.

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